Off to Europe   

         CC Matisse with Entr'acte bound for LeHavre, France
                        Nous Allons
                                                                                         en France!
Well folks, It's official. Entr'acte is on her way to Europe.  She was loaded on board the CC Matisse on 8 March, 2013 and as as we write this  they are in Napier NZ preparing to head over  to Panama and points East.

We wish to say a heart-felt  "Thank You" to everyone in Noumea who made this happen and go so smoothly.

                   Gilbert Claude of CMA-CGM                                       Bruno Escavi ,the main man!                                      Yvan designs and builds the cradle.

Bruno Escavi of Expert Maritime for co-ordinating the construction of the cradle, transfer and loading on board ship and for  his tireless attention to detail.


                   Richard and Krysta--Thanks for not taking NO for an answer.


  Karine Vagner manager  of Nouville Plaisance for being so accommodating.  We are sorry we could not have stayed longer.


Jean Claude and Joelle who looked after Entr'acte all throughout the cyclone season, kept her bilges dry, batteries charged as well as countless other favors.  We would have been lost without you.  Thank you so much for the photos and video.



Matisse will call in Savannah Georgia on 8, April and we will go on board to make the trans-Atlantic passage with her.  Our expected arrival date will be 23. April, LeHavre France.

       Entr'acte is in there somewhere!

Entracte in the Panama Canal

For the past month we have been tracking Entr'acte's progress back across the pacific on board CMA CGM Maisse.  Thenks to the modern miracle of AIS we were able to plot her approaches to the varios stops along the way.
The route of Matisse began in Noumea, New Caledonia and so far has included the ports of Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Napier and Tauranga in New Zealand and Punta Manzanillo on the Caribbean side of the Panama Canal.

Below is a selection of screen shots taken from the AIS  plotting center as well as those captured when Matisse transited the Panama Cana

                                           All ships approaching Panama Canal                                              Ais plot Matisse in Miraflores Lock

At 03:00 on April 3, 2013, Entr'acte  made her second passage of the Panama Canal on Board CMA CGM Matisse. There are so many containers that Entr'acte can not be found.  We hope she is in there somewhere!

                     Miraflores Lock                                                  Gatun Lock                                                             Gatun Lock                                            Exiting Gatun Lock

Next stop for Matisse and Entr'acte will be on April 8, Savannah GA where we will both go on board Matisse for the final leg of the trans-Atlantic passage to arrive in Le Havre, France on April 23.  Here's hoping for good weather in the North Atlantic.

Entr'acte's Pacific voyage is now complete. It has been a terrific ride; Panama, Costa Rica, Galapagos, French Polynesia, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New caledonia but now it is time for something new.  She is now on board CC Matisse bound for LeHavre to begin the next chapter in her world adventures.

See you soon.


Our plan for this coming summer will be to travel the  River Seine to Paris, the French Canal system to the River Rhone and on to the Mediterranean.  Our ultimate destination will be Sevilla.  It will be like coming home.

It is a real whirlwind here as we continue to play concerts throughout the Arizona area and at the same time making preparations for our up-coming trip.

We will keep you posted.

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