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Bula Vinaka!  

       2012 Update

                We are still

                           in Fiji!


                   It's easy to be alone in Fiji


Entr'acte was left safely "in the grave" at Vuda Marina on the island of Viti Levu. If a cyclone hits Vuda, she might float away but certainly will not fall over.

We waited out the cyclone season in Arizona playing Jazz concerts in the Phoenix area. In May it was back to Vuda to make ready for the next cruising season.


          Leading range into Futuna Harbour


Our plan for the season was to visit the "remote villages" on the North side of Vanua Levu.  These areas are seldom visited by yachts and never by tourists.

Our first obligation was to make "Sevusevu" to the chief.

It was quite the adventure but first we have to meet the chief for Sevusevu



This  turned out to be quite the adventure!



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         "The San Blas and Panama Canal."  

It was a long time coming but we are very happy with the results.



                          Greetings from Fiji



We were moving too fast!  Our time in Fiji ended all too soon.  In our panic to "keep moving" and satisfy the customs / immigration requirements, we like so many others literally flew through the islands and arived in Lautoka on Viti Levu with the distinct feeling that we had missed a great deal.   Upon reflection, we concluded that we had left Vanua Levu completely unexplored. So it was decided to have a second season in Fiji.




                  "In the grave at Vuda Marina

We did make some passages this season.  To renew our Customs permit we had to sail 300 miles to the French island of Futuna and return to Fiji.  The sailing was rugged.  We refer to it as "The Fiji Challenge, 2011.  All of our sailing was to windward in very stiff, constant trade winds.  Entr'acte sailed beautifully.  Our light air sails were not used once!

Futuna was the shortest turn around in history. We cleared in at 09:00, cleared out at 09:10 nd left at 05:00 the next morning to return to Fiji.

Nothing important takes place in Fiji without Kava

             Fijian "Meke" --Farwell ceremony

As usual the Fijians were delightful. In one village we were asked what country our flag was from. Now, that's remote!

We seldom saw another yacht and the diving was superb.

For more details and photos of this last season click on the link October 2010 -Fiji-  and enjoy.


More Info

Ship Track Position Reporter

You easily can follow Entr'acte's progress through the Ship Track position reporter.  This is a free service of the Maritime Mobile Service Network, a dedicated group of HAM Radio enthusiasts that maintain a  radio network for ships at sea.  Through MMSN we have world-wide access to emergency communication, daily weather reports, and daily position reports or we can just take the opportunity to pass the time at sea by calling Net Control to just  say "hello!"

When on a passage we file daily position reports over the high frequency radio to MMSN which they post on the Ship Track web site.  Just click on the link above and you will be automatically connected to Entr'acte's personal Ship Track page.  There you can see our daily progress, or lack thereof!  If you play with the zoom tool on that page, as you zoom in you will see a series of red dots which represent each individual position report
(be careful, a little zoom gets you a lot).  Place your cursor on a dot to see the time, date, our latitude, longitude and a brief description of the conditions on that day.  You can also adjust the page to view specific lengths of time from one week, one month or all positions filed.

If there is no updated position report, it should not be viewed as a disaster.  It could mean that we had very bad radio propagation that day, low battery power, laziness or bad weather.   It might also mean that we are in a harbour and off the boat exploring or we are very busy having a grand time and just plain forgot!

You can track any vessel that files position reports.  All you need is their radio call sign---Entr'acte's is KC2JBX--just go to the
Ship Track home page
, enter the appropriate  radio call sign and off you go!

It's easy! Check it out!